CyberTitans 3793

Meet the team

The CyberTitans #3793 are a Frederick County, MD FIRST FRC robotics team based out of Tuscarora High School, competing in FIRST since 2011. 

What we've been up to

In 2017, the team competed in FIRST Steamworks, and through a stellar performance at the district event qualified to compete in the Championship in St. Louis, MO. The following year, the team produced a classic award-winning robot, Edward Scissorlift for FIRST Power Up. In 2022, we competed at the Rapid React CHS District Greater Event in DC with our robot, Velcro-bro. In 2023, we constructed Mr. Krabbs to deliver inflated cubes and construction cones to a three-tiered set of platforms and poles and to balance on a seesaw ramp at the end of each match. With this robot, we competed in two local ChargedUp events.  For the 2024 season, the competition is entitled Crescendo and our robot "Noteworthy" will be delivering "notes" to a speaker, an amp, and a special target area on the climbing stage!

Edward Scissorslift (2018 Robot - Creativity Award Winner)

CyberTitans 2022


STEM night at Lincoln

November 2023 - We journeyed to nearby Lincoln Elementary School to participate in their annual STEM night with our mini-bot, Jeansbot.

Battle of Baltimore

October 2023 - This event will be forever remembered for our rogue autonomous robot that mounted the other teams platform and balanced perfectly during the autonomous period (no reward, just a penalty).